The OnePlus 7T will be arriving to Europe, North America and China next week

While users in India have enjoyed OnePlus 7T for a while now, the whole world has been waiting for. The wait is almost over, because the phone will expand to other areas – here’s the list.

The 7T will be available in all EU start next Friday (October 17). There is only one version – 8/128GB – which will cost € 600. No choice apparently 256GB (non-T cell phone with a memory of 8/256GB is € 610, 6/128GB is € 560).

The phone will also reach the United States and Canada, although the OnePlus 7 passed both. It will cost $ 600 and CAD800, respectively, and will go on sale starting the morning of October 18 Note that 7T Pro will not be available in both countries.

The OnePlus 7T will also be available in China and Hong Kong and, of course, India. There it will co-exist with 7T Pro.

The 7T comes in Ice Blue and Frosted Silver. There is a selection of accessories are available as well.

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