Samsung Working on an Affordable Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note line got bigger than usual this year with the launch of the two Note10 and Note10 +, but the Korean company can add other members at some point in the future. Are you looking for affordable Samsung Galaxy Note to buy? In this article I will reveal to you best affordable Samsung Galaxy note in the market.

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People over at SamMobile have dug a number of models for an upcoming Samsung mobile phone, which comes with some interesting possibilities if you are familiar with the naming scheme of the company.

Samsung Working on an Affordable Galaxy Note
affordable Samsung Galaxy Note

This is the SM-N770F. The “N” there obviously means that this is the Galaxy Note, but its flagship Note all have N9xx model number. Way back when in 2014, the only other handset N7xx out, and it is known as the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, or SM-N750.

So SM-N770 may be seen as a successor of sorts to the device, not directly but more in ethos. It was pared down notes, and new handsets can provide a more affordable entry point in the line of Galaxy Note Note10. Obviously because it would be branded Note S-Pen must maintain though, regardless of what other spec downgrades may see.

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For now, the only “solid” information (as much as any rumor can) in the N770 is that it will have a version with 128GB of internal storage.

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