Samsung is getting ready to launch the first tablet 5G which is The Galaxy S6 5G

Samsung is working on 5G version of the Galaxy Tab S6 – probably will be the first tablet-enabled 5G in the world. The tablet, which bears the model number SM-T866N, was seen in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certification. Note that the “N” usually indicates the model is scheduled for South Korea.

That makes sense – the country of origin Samsung is one of the few with a network of active and Galaxy S10 5G 5G has been selling quite well there, plus duo Galaxy Note10 only available in 5G flavor.The previous S6 Samsung Galaxy Tab scored another first in the world – it is the first tablet with a screen HDR10 +. Launched in Europe and the United States, which has had a 5G networks in several big cities, so the new 5G may follow soon.

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