Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Crushes iPhone 11 Pro in This Major Departments

iPhone 11 Pro is the first iPhone that comes bundled with the coveted Apple 30W Power Adapter, which can pick up the phone from flat to half full in just 30 minutes, with a full charge came in 102 minutes. But it’s still no match for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which can jump from 0 to 100 in a surprising 62 minutes.

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Comparing IPhone 11 Pro With Galaxy Note 11

For comparison, the iPhone XS can take up to 185 minutes to charge to the full; while iPhone XS Max peak table with an amazing 209 minutes. In both cases, it was somewhere in the region of three hours spent waiting for the former featured iPhone to charge the backup power. Budget iPhone XR come in around 192 minutes.

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This information comes courtesy of Phone Arena, who ran a series of tests on the new iPhone 11 Pro, noting that it reaches 28% in 15 minutes, 55% within 30 minutes, 74% at 45 minutes and 85% within 60 minutes. From there, it took a further 15 minutes to reach 94%, 30 minutes to charge 98%, and 42 minutes to reach the full 100%.

It is not surprising that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus comes out on top, though. Samsung Fast Charger has a maximum power throughput 45W, 30W versus Apple Power Adapter. However, this Oppo best in its class 65W SuperVOOC second shot out of the water, take a 4000mAh battery from flat to full in 30 minutes.

Do the math and SuperVOOC transferring energy at a rate of 133mAh per minute. To put this in context, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 3190mAh cell, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 4300mAh. To that end, it will take about 23 minutes to charge an iPhone and 32 minutes to charge Samsung (both for full).

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