Samsung Galaxy Fold overhaul finally on sale in the US on September 27

Earlier this month Samsung has finally made the redesigned Galaxy Official Fold, and the phone went on sale in its home country of South Korea in the meantime. Later this week, the device will be available in the US as well.

Samsung has officially announced that the redesigned fold strikes select AT & T and Best Buy stores, September 27 This is also when you’ll find in Samsung Experience Stores. Both Best Buy and Samsung offer AT & T and unlocked versions. You can choose between Cosmos black and silver space, color wise.

Galaxy Fold

The handset comes with collapsible Fold Galaxy Premier Service, which nets you the opportunity to consult a janitor Fold will guide you through the device, the materials in the box, and included accessories. And whenever you have a question about the Galaxy Fold, or looking for tips, you can reach the specialists to a toll-free number is available 24/7. Fold the concierge can also be contacted via the Samsung Application members via video chat.

With every purchase of the Galaxy Fold you get a free pair of headphones Galaxy buds and a personalized case aramid fibers, which presents “thin and durable materials in a stylish design,” according to the Korean company.

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