Realme X2 Pro is coming with Snapdragon 855 Plus

Realme X2 arrived last week with Snapdragon chipset 730G, and it looks like a variant Pro will be unveiled sooner than expected.

Xu Qi Chase, Chief Marketing Officer of the company, posted on Weibo that Realme first flagship Snapdragon 855 Plus coming soon, and the name of the code is super warrior / Samurai (depending on the translation).

Interestingly enough, Chase posted a message with a tool called “super Pro X2 Realme Samurai”, pretty much confirming the name of the new device.We not sure whether or not Realme plan to upgrade the chipset only. In the comments below the post Chase, fans have said they want to 65W rapid charging of the mother company Oppo and at least 4,500 mAh battery. Another demand of the fans are red rear panel – the last time we saw Realme in this color are Realme 2, was launched back in August 2018 – more than 10 Realmes ago.

Realme X2 Pro

Then Chase confirmed the new phone is “an important step” in the company’s approach to jump ahead of the competition, and will continue to be a device that makes young people excited.

Obviously the company will eventually introduce handsets with flagship chipset, but the big question remains – how much it will cost and will it be as affordable as other Realmes in their respective segments.

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