Realme Buds Wireless on review

When Realme XT was introduced, it was the other new products keep the company on stage. It is Realme Buds Wireless – Bluetooth headset is the first by the company. They were introduced to tag INR1,599 impressively low price, which translates to less than $ 25 ($ 22.54, to be exact). We got our hands on the new gadget, worn it, paired and went into full beast mode to test the performance of his real life.

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One might think Realme Buds Wireless headset name only Enco Oppo or OnePlus Bullets with a new color scheme, but it is a completely different device and that is why we completed an extended test. This is what impressed us and where it falls short.


Back in November 2018 Realme released the original Buds with braided cable for only $ 7, but Buds Wireless truly has the potential to have a greater impact as wireless is what everyone wants nowadays.This not some PR talk is far-fetched – the wireless Buds actually connected easily in a short time – when they are connected to the ear, the connectivity is established. It has a powerful magnet that also works as an on / off switch that eliminates the need to seek a separate key to press for 5 seconds to turn on the power.

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However, if you keep the headset in a backpack types and not on your neck like they were meant for, there may be occasional connection because the magnetic Buds’ get separated. An easy solution is to not be like me and do not put them in bags and other limited space.


Announced in three colors – Yellow, Green, Orange – which Realme Buds Wireless has a flexible bow, made of silica gel, while there is also a nickel-titanium alloy for the key and battery parts. Realme-branded button, volume rocker sits in the middle, is the key to answering – simply press to answer the call. Realme not provide a solution Save noise-canceling, so you may have trouble talking on the phone while outside. In the room we had no issues.The shoots that actually has a bass boost of 11.2 mm driver and the entire sound experience developed by Alan Walker – music producer, most famous for his song faded. As someone who constantly listening to EDM, among other styles, I can say that you can actually hear his contribution.

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Obviously the track Adam Walker is true with Buds Wireless bangers, but even in the songs of other dance music, you can hear a bit of synths its emblem. If you are a fan of songs acapella or rock music, you might feel a little far from the bass boost of experience, but in the end, this is the best sound you can get in this price range.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

Since wireless earbuds are irreplaceable partner for sports activities, I take them for a run in the park. All casual runners will not have a problem with bow, sits in the neck or shoots the truth – the whole setup IPX4 compliant for protection against perspiration. One thing that remains exposed is a micro USB port, but at least it face down to limit the dirt, sweat and dust.The shoots have special rubber backing that helps keep them glued to his ear. There are also three pairs ear tips in retail box, along with a micro USB to USB charging cable with yellow accents tidy.

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Realme promises 12 hours of playback on a full charge and actually delivered. You can listen to music on Bluetooth for half a day without any problem. However, we have achieved this when the volume of about 80% – will be full 100% will deafen you in the long term, and spill loud enough – you may cause inconvenience to the people around you even in quite noisy environment.


With such low prices, you can not get anything better on the market. The Realme Buds Wireless quick to connect, easy to work with and provide a pleasant all-around sound.

realme buds-005

Having an affordable solution that hopefully will cause a ripple effect in the market for wireless earphone headset where each other at least four times more expensive. Currently only sold in India, we can expect Realme Buds Wireless to reach more markets, and we look forward to hearing good news in Realme X2 Pro launch event in Spain.

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