Oppo work on subdisplay detectors for the planned quad-curve screen ‘ 3D waterfall ‘

In the past couple of years, mobile creativity has been at an all-time high with new designs similar to the pop-up screen, under-display sensor processing, and waterfall screens that we already use. Oppo’s new patents indicate that we might see a screen rounded at all sides. Thanks to another technology also patented by Oppo, this could be possible: placing sensors under the display.

oppo curve display-001

A light sensor and another infrared light sensor were outlined in the patents, both of which could operate from below the screen. This would remove the need for a bezel to hold the sensors, one to change the illumination of the screen to the ambient light while the other, meanwhile, switches off the monitor in a call. With either a Micro LED or an OLED screen, this device can work.

Oppo showed off an unreleased machine with waterfall screen a few months ago, but it’s not a novel idea to make all four edges plunge towards the camera. Xiaomi patented a similar device back in February with four curved edges.

An under-display lens leading up to MWC Shanghai was also advertised by Oppo. This reflects the ambitions of the organization to actually build a handset with a screen-to-body ratio of 100 percent.

On the two longest sides of the handset, we have already seen phones with “waterfall displays”: the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Vivo NEX 3 are two smartphones with waterfall displays already usable.

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