Mpow Flame Lite TWS review

Introduction to Mpow Flame Lite TWS

Not the first brand that comes to mind when you think of audio products, Mpow has developed a strong backrest across Amazon with its diverse set of aggressively priced headphones in all shapes and sizes. Today we’re giving you the Mpow Flame Lite, the brand’s new sports-oriented TWS earphones, i’m this article you will get the full Mpow Flame Lite TWS review.

As someone who has struggled to find a well-fitting pair of earphones, the Mpow Flame Lite brings a snug and comfortable fit that goes a long way when you’re using it for sports and outdoor activities.

The Flame Lites cost € 33.99/£34.99/$37.98 to compose this review and boast an outstanding 4 out of 5-star rating across more than 2,000 Amazon customer reviews. This and the fact that I wanted a good pair of earbuds that would stay in my ears pushed me to try them out, and here are my findings.

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Design and build quality

Both the Flame Lites and their charging case come with a matte black finish that hides smudges very well. The earphones are IPX7 waterproof and feel strongly made. The ear-hooks are versatile enough to add overall comfort and fit. Snug is just the word that comes to mind-the fit is very good provided you use the right ear tips that come in three sizes within the retail package.

Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS
Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS

The charging / carrying case is substantial though a large part of that has to be attributed to the size of the actual earphones and their hooks. It’s not the best-built case out there, but it does what it’s meant to do: charge and transport your earphones. The top cover closes with magnets, but feels flimsy. That being said, the case is kindly curved and feels good to the touch. It features a nice concave opening in the middle where you can move your finger to open the case.

Mpow Flame Lite TWS review
Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS

The inside of the case contains a large cradle where the earphones are protected by means of magnetic pins. Putting the Flame Lites on is a straight-forward approach. You take them out of the shell, lift the hooks over your ear, and plug the tips of the silicone into your ear. When inserted, it is recommended that the earphones be twisted upwards to ensure optimum fit. The backside of the hooks features a durable design that lets them stay in your ears without shifting around. The Flame Lites feel comfortable and safe in your ears, and the hooks are flexible enough to make you feel no pain after a few hours of use.

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Looks are subjective, but I personally like the stealthy matte black look and minimal branding. While on your ear, the Flame Lites stick out a little because of their sheer size, but I didn’t experience any problems in daily situations when wearing glasses or during workouts.

Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS
Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS

The combined weight of the earphones with the case comes out to 45 grams while the listed dimensions of the case are 104.9 x 115 x 47 mm. This is not a pant pocket-friendly package but it should fit just fine in your bag or jacket pockets.

Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS

Let’s get the specs out the way. The Mpow Flame Lite come with 14.2mm drivers, SBC and AAC audio codex support and no active noise cancellation. They pair over Bluetooth 5.0 and bring a multi-point connection with up to 2 devices at once. There’s left/right mono audio output meaning you can use either earbud independently. We also have two microphones all wrapped in an IPX7 water and sweat-proof package.

Box contents include a short USB-C cable for charging, three pairs of replacement tips ranging from XS to L with size M tips pre-installed as well as the usual array of manual, warranty card and pairing instructions pamphlet.

Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS
Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS

Pairing is easy, you open the case and turn on Bluetooth, and you’re all set to go. At a distance of up to 20 meters, I had no problems with connectivity. Also, I didn’t find any audio lag or bitrate drops in my test.

Touch controls come with a curve of learning. Most of them work but require you to tap the touch surface with the bottom of your fingertip instead of a light tap with the tip below your fingertip. In my experience, the touch controls work in 2 out of every 3 tries.

Single taps play / pause your album, double taps on the right earbud skips to the next song, while the left taps the previous one. Triple taps summon your preferred voice assistant. There’s also a tap and hold gesture which raises the volume if performed on the right earbud or lowers it from the left.

Sound quality

Sound quality is good for most of the time, although the Flame Lites do not excel in any one area. I was expecting a bass-heavy experience, but I was rather disappointed to find that it was lacking. The earphones performed a subpar in the upper sound range and had hollow mids.

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Vocals were obvious, and I personally enjoyed my time with earphones bumping into music during workouts and listening to podcasts. Even, with their competitive price in mind, I can tell that they work well and get the job done. They’re getting a lot loud, which is good considering the lack of noise cancellation.

Mpow Flame Lite TWS review
Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS

Call quality was underwhelming with a constant hissing sound and people on the other side complaining I sounded muffled. Yet, even in noisier conditions, the microphones picked up my voice and did their job.

Battery life

Mpow advertises 5 hours of playback on the earphones alone and up to 30 hours on the charging case. In my 1 week of earphone research, I spent at least 2 hours a day at work and had 3 1 hour workouts as well as 30 minutes of podcast sessions before bedtime. After a full week, the case was just under 50 percent of its power, which is on line with Mpow’s statements. Full charge takes 2 hours and there’s no fast charging option, the Flame Lites are up at 5W speeds.

Mpow Flame Lite TWS review
Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS

The case has a neat LED indicator that flashes white three times when the battery is between 75% and 100%. It then switches between red and white when the battery is between 35 and 75% and goes to 3 red flashes when the battery is below 35% charge. You can also check the battery status of your earphones from the Bluetooth menu on your phone.

Verdict of Mpow Flame Lite TWS review

The Mpow Flame Lite is an inexpensive, easy-to-use and, most importantly, robust pair of TWS earphones that stays in your ears in all scenarios. They’re not going to win any sound quality awards, but they deliver a good performance that gets a lot of loud. As I said earlier, they could use a little more bass and call quality is just average, but at the end of the day we’re talking about an inexpensive pair of sports-oriented TWS earbuds.

The design, fit and comfort of these are excellent in my book, and the battery life is also pretty fantastic. The USB-C charging port, IPX7 waterproof design and clean look are also great additions.

Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS
Review of Mpow Flame Lite TWS

If sound quality is your top priority, then you should look elsewhere, but if you’re like me and want a long-lasting pair of earphones that remain in your ear during workouts and don’t break the bank, then you should certainly check the Mpow Flame Lites. They give you TWS experience with excellent build quality, strong battery endurance and superb fit-all the factors that make it very convenient to get around in your gym bag.

Pros Mpow Flame Lite TWS

  • Well-built with IPX7 rating
  • Comfortable design that stays in your ears
  • Great price
  • USB-C charging
  • Solid battery endurance

Cons of Mpow Flame Lite TW

  • Underwhelming bass
  • Sound lacks mid-range detail
  • Charging case is huge

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