IPhone 12 Pro Max Renderings Leak with A14 Bionic Processor, 1TB Storage And 6000mAh Battery

After e trending news from the recent release of the iPhone 11 series, there are lots of speculations about the iPhone 12 on the Internet. Few days ago, one of the best trusted foreign media leaked the iPhone 12 Pro Max Renderings.

From the renderings, Apple eventually canceled the iPhone 12 series, thus adopting a true full-screen design, and the phone frame became narrower. The phone’s front camera uses off-screen camera technology and is hidden under the screen.

Latest IPhone 12 Pro Max Renderings Leak with

The back of the phone is the same as the iPhone 11 series, fitted with a three-shot rear, and also uses the “Yuba design.”

As far as specification is concerned, the iPhone 12 Pro Mac is fitted with an A14 Bionic processor providing a memory mix of up to 8 GB RAM + 1 TB ROM and an integrated 6000mAh battery.

By convention, the iPhone 12 series will be unveiled in September 2020. If the news on the Internet is real, then the iPhone 12 series of mobile phone will definitely become a new trend in 2020 and will probably have a huge impact on the market. Guo Minghao Apple Claim: Apple IPhone SE 2 Uses LCP Antenna To Improve Signal Transmission Efficiency

iPhone 12 Pro Max Renderings

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