iPhone 11 has a new Series hardware, software management system to reduce impacts on performance as a battery ages: Apple

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In 2017, Apple engaged in a slowdown iPhone saga, which the company claimed to slow down older iPhone models to prevent unexpected shutdowns. This feature is intended to maintain smartphones running again, and the failure of Apple to bring clarity to this issue led it to start the battery replacement program throughout 2018, in addition to launching a battery health information and performance throttling choice on iOS. Now, Apple has released a new support document which claimed that the new iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro phone Max including dynamic power management system that uses hardware and software to reduce the impact of their battery performance chemical age. The company also confirmed that the iPhone XS, XS Max iPhone, and iPhone XR will get performance management features with 13.1 iOS updates next week, but did not specify whether it will be identical to that seen on the iPhone 11 series.

Apple said that its new management software built-in hardware performance and integrated systems in the new iPhone series automated, always-on, and work to provide the best performance as a battery aging occur from time to time. It is also said that it is more advanced than the method of the battery and power management before, but the battery aging will during the lead time for a longer time the launch of the application, the frame rate is lower, reducing the throughput of the wireless-data, backlight dimming, or the speaker volume more low.

The company was advised in the document support the health of the user to check the battery regularly by going to Settings> Battery> Battery Health, and get a replacement if health would be really poor.

In a separate support document, Apple insists that the iPhone XS, XS Max iPhone, and iPhone XR will all performance management features with 13.1 iOS update is scheduled for September 24. The details of companies that feature will only work if the iPhone really need, and features similar to the one brought to 12.1 iOS iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. he added, “the effect of the performance management models that later may be less visible because they are more advanced hardware and software design. “

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“It works by looking at a combination of temperature of the device, the battery charge state and battery impedance. Only if these variables need, iOS will dynamically manage the performance of the maximum multiple system components, such as CPU and GPU, to prevent unexpected shutdowns. As a result, the workload will be self-balancing device, which enables fine distribution of tasks the system, rather than the larger, fast spike in performance as well. In some cases, users may not notice any difference in the performance of everyday devices. The level of perceived changes depending on how much performance management is required for a particular device, “explains the support page.

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