Huawei Harmony OS will come to Europe on Honor Vision smart TV

Huawei at home Harmony OS and all cross-platform prowess and “alternative Android” perceived reputation will come to Europe. Not only on the phone. In fact, Vincent Pang, Senior VP of Huawei already made it quite clear that Harmony OS will not come to a smartphone this year at all. So, TV and potentially wearable smart to run the platform is all we can hope for in the near future. Remember, Harmony OS is a huge undertaking and timely. Plus, one which will arguably fair well in the current technological climate when to lay low for a bit, so to say.

 Honor Vision smart TV

However, outside of Harmony OS itself and the prospects for its smartphones that may or may not hold, there Honor Vision Smart TV itself to look forward to in the Old Continent – pretty impressive piece of kit. More importantly, trendsetter potential new wave of increasingly more “smartphone-like” TV as a feature-rich hub for the connected home.

As a quick reminder, Honor Vision TV comes in vanilla and flavors Pro. The difference between the two be withdrawn at Pro smart camera, six 10W speakers instead of four and a different internal storage – 16GB and 32GB, respectively. Both 4K features of Quantum Dot (VA) panel, Samsung. Initially, the European market will be able to choose between 65-inch and 75-inch variants, with 55-inch and 85-inch that comes later.

At the heart of Honor Vision TV is an octa-core Honghu 818, with some performance figures of smartphone-level plume, as well as technology advanced image processing including motion prediction and motion compensation (MEMC), High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR), super-resolution ( SR), Noise Reduction (NR), Dynamic Contrast Improvement (DCI), Auto Color Management (ACM) and local Dimming (LD). Also on board is Hisilicon chipset Hi1103, the 2.4GHz, dual-band 5Hz and 160MHz bandwidth to support download rates up to 1.7Gbps peek. A lot more than what you would normally find in a smart TV.

Honor Vision 55-inch smart TV

Vision TV even got Hisilicon Hi3516DV300 dedicated NPU’s built-in camera, which allows some interesting Ai capture feature, mostly to be used for video calls. Thanks to Harmony OS and HiLink, Vision TV can also act as a central hub for your IOT connected home.


There is no real information on pricing or availability time frame for Europe yet. It also remains to be seen if both Pro and regular models will enter the market. Perhaps more important still from the standpoint of service, or more precisely Huawei Honor, in this case, it is necessary to clarify the purpose and intention and potential capability for a variety of Western-friendly integration services to Harmony OS. In the wake of the US and Google failures, software services really can not be taken for granted.


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