HTC releases sales figures for February, down 33% from YoY.

HTC has released its monthly sales report, reporting an unaudited consolidated revenue of NT$0.42 billion, or just over US$14 million, for February 2020. That’s an almost accurate 33 percent drop from last year’s same month, and 12 percent down from January’s month, continuing the decline of the once-successful Taiwanese phone maker.

HTC U12+
HTC U12+

We had almost forgotten that HTC existed but it told us that with the release of the Wildfire R70 entry-level smartphone for India and Thailand, it’s still kicking late last month. It will take more than that to truly persuade us that HTC is committed to making smartphones and reversing the freefall. Will this really be so?

HTC’s 2019 Annual Report is coming any day now, but with all the monthly numbers out by January 6, we already know it’s not going to look gorgeous

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