How to use the new iPhone 11 Camera app

The iphone camera app in iphone 11 pro has been redesigned significantly. Apple has added new features such as night mode and video QuickTake, but also the layout of the Camera application in the process.

Some controls were removed, most have moved to a new location, as well as some new arrangements. Here are more details about what’s new in the iPhone 11 Camera application and how to use it.

Old Camera app continues to exist in IOS 13 for all other iPhone models. Revamped camera is available exclusively on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. While at first glance the design of familiar, does not take long to realize the new camera has a surprising amount of depth.

For starters, the visual, there are now new controls at the top of the screen, the indicator triangle, redesigned icons of other cameras, a new zoom control, and the image data from the camera ultra-wide blended into the transparent toolbar area around the main viewfinder. Let’s dig into a few different actions.

How to zoom in and out on iPhone 11

iphone11 camera

Camera zoom control has been changed on the iPhone 11 Camera. If you have an iPhone 11, there will be two buttons: .5x and 1x. .5x is a new ultra-wide camera and 1x is a standard built-in camera. If you have an iPhone 11 Pro, there are three keys to 2x zoom.

You can press a button to jump to the level of zoom. However, you can also slide horizontally on the buttons to open wheel zoom. It allows you to choose a medium zoom level and also displays the equivalent focal length in 35mm film. You can also pinch and zoom with two fingers to adjust the zoom and switch between lenses, but the focal length of the wheel will not be displayed.

If you have changed to a custom level zoom and want to jump back to 1x, simply press the center button.

A quick way to record video on iPhone 11 Cameras

iphone video recording

One iPhone 11 new feature called QuickTake. This lets you start a video recording without changing modes, sort of like Snapchat or Instagram.

To immediately take a video, make sure the camera is in Photo mode. Then, long-press on the shutter button and it will turn into a red recording light. This video is now being taken. If you remove your finger from the screen, the video ends. If you want to keep recording without holding your finger down, simply pull the red shutter button to lock icon on the right side of the screen. This lock standard video and stop button appears for you to utilize your free time.

How to take photos with the iPhone exploded 11

burst photo

In the old camera, press the shutter will take a burst. Now, the QuickTake. Bursts require additional motion.

To take explode, press the shutter button and then quickly pull to the left toward the pile of thumbnail images. (If the shutter button remains red, then you’ve held your finger is too long and the phone thinks you want to take a video. Stop and start over.)

Circles shutter will move with your finger to show that the boom has begun, and the numbers shown will represent the current number of photos in the explosion. When you have finished exploding, just release your finger from the screen to complete.

How to take night photos on iPhone 11

iphone camera night mode

The night mode on iPhone 11 is not an option at the wheel of dedicated cameras. In contrast, night mode button – which looks like a crescent moon icon – appears automatically when your iPhone or iPhone 11 11 Pro detects that the scene could benefit from a longer exposure.

If the scene is really dark, the Night mode will be automatically activated by the camera and yellow Night mode icon will appear in the upper left corner of the screen, displays the number of seconds a photo will take to catch. If you want to deactivate the night mode, simply press the button to switch off.

If a scene is lit with low-medium light, night mode selection will be visible but not enabled (not highlighted in yellow). If you think the photos would benefit from a night mode, you can manually tap to activate it. You can also drag the slider to adjust the exposure time.

When you are ready with Night mode on, press the shutter button and hold the phone steady during allocated. This will produce a brighter image, gather as much detail as possible over a period of 3-5 seconds.

How to change the aspect ratio in the plant and 11 iPhone Camera

crop image on iphone11

11 iPhone camera has a hidden drawer of additional controls. If you see an arrow triangle pointing upward, swipe up on the viewfinder to reveal new drawer control.

There are more subtle option to flash, night mode, Photo Life, plants, timers and filters. You may have noticed that the camera Square has been removed from the UI main wheels. You can even take photos Square, by changing the aspect ratio in this drawer.

To change the aspect ratio, press the button (which by default will be set to 4: 3). Then, press Square. There is an option for Square (1: 1), 4: 3 and 16: 9. You can always adjust the plant later when you edit the image in Photos library.

How to use the new ‘outer Capture Frame’ feature

iphone capture outside frame

Outside the Frame Capture is a new feature where the iPhone will automatically save the data additional cameras around the viewfinder is active, allowing you to change the plant after the fact. It works with photos and videos.

This setting can be turned on or off in the Settings app, not in the camera. Go to Settings -> Camera -> Composition and saw three toggles. There is a separate outside toggles capture frames for photos and videos, and setting called ‘Auto-Apply Adjustment.

With the outer frame capture is enabled, you must be able to go to the Photos app after you take a photo or video and use the Crop tool to extend the edge of the frame. Auto-Apply option would be to do this on your behalf if it can detect faces disconnected or similar composition changes automatically. However, beyond the features Frame Capture family still seems a bit buggy in IOS 13.0 and we would not count on it at this time. For me, it just seems to work for video QuickTake and I could not get it to work for the photo entirely. Maybe this will clarify IOS 13.1.


  • The new camera application using a unique variant of the system font called SF Camera. You can see the difference in the text best typography control wheel.
  • On the iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro 11, you can now choose a lens to use when taking panoramas. This means you can capture dramatic scenery using Pano camera in concert with the new ultra-wide lens.
  • There is new life Auto settings for Live capture a photo, in addition to the regular On and Off. It is not clear what the heuristics used though, such as photographing a stationary object remains consistent life saving photos to the camera roll.
  • Apples Smart HDR believe that there is no longer an option in Settings to save images and original HDR-ified. Now, you can only choose to take a photo using Smart HDR – or not at all.
  • Auto video features Low-Light FPS can now be used when recording at the highest Format 4K 60 FPS. To check this you have activated for your phone, go to Settings -> Camera -> Record Video and ensure switch Auto Low-Light FPS activated.

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