How to Restore my Deleted Text Messages on Android

We’ve all done it: deleted text messages from our phone and then realized shortly afterwards that we need the information in the text. And the longer it has been since you removed, the less likely that you will be able to recover it.


No trash or recycle bin on your Android device as you might find in a Windows or Mac. There is also no undo button. After you remove, it is gone.

When you delete something in Android, it sends data to memory that can be overwritten. So anything on the phone you need space to store things, the phone can use that space with your message on it to store new data. It’s like erasing something written with a pencil and write on it again.

Honestly, it’s a small possibility, but here are some things that can help you recover the text.

Keep Data

If you simply delete the files, put your phone to airplane mode to eliminate the opportunity for new information to download to your device for turning Wi-Fi and cellular data. To enter airplane mode, press and hold the Power button until the shutdown option that appears. Click on “Airplane mode.” Also, do not use the camera, audio recording, or accessing an application that can create new data.


If the message you are trying to recover has other data such as photos or appointment times, you may find that the data on applications that save the file types. For example, the image may have been saved by the photo application or synchronized time schedule to your calendar. Check the application before trying something else that would be more time consuming and may end up costing you money.Another way to recover the information may require you to swallow your pride. Admit you made a mistake and text people with whom you are speaking. Ask them to resend your message is lost.

If you are desperate, you might have a chance to recover a message if you have made a full backup of your phone in the time between when you receive a message and when you remove it. This option requires you to factory reset your phone and download a copy of the backup to restore your phone.

Use of Third Party Software

If there are no people working options, you can resort to using third-party software, but be ready to spend money, and even then, it might not work.

These applications such as Recovery 7-Data, Dr. Fone for Android, and MobiSaver for Android does not guarantee that they will be able to get the message back. They will find the data that you identify as your phone is ready to remove, then you can choose what to do with it. This is usually the part that costs money.

Applications that are most likely to succeed are those that require you to root your phone. Rooting your phone unlock access to every part of the phone. It’s like having one key that opens every lock in your house, car, and office and give the keys to someone. It is easy to cause errors in your cell phone if you do not know what you’re doing. Rooting your phone too often void your warranty, so use the types of applications with caution.

The best way

The best way to solve this problem is to avoid it in the first place – backing up your messages. Newer Android phones have the option to enable backup for text messages. Go to your settings, click the Apps menu, and locate your messaging application. Go to settings, and if the option is available on your phone. You will see an option to turn it here.If you are not currently backing up your phone regularly and use a lot of text messages, look for backup software that includes backing up text. Backup Your mobile phone is the one that has this option available.


If that is not an option or if you want to try something different, you can use a third-party messaging application that features archiving. SMS credits do this. Scrape the archive messages instead of deleting them. If you try to delete the entire conversation, he asked for confirmation.

You can also take advantage of other messaging services such as Facebook and WhatsApp. It also makes it a little more difficult to erase the message by requesting confirmation of these two actions, eliminating accidental deletion.

If one of these methods work for you, congratulations. Remember, though, next time you may not be so lucky, so look into implementing a way to avoid problems in the future.

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