How To Resolve Download Pending Error in Google Play Store

What is your first reaction when you see the “Download pending error” message when installing the app from the Play Store? And if you need an urgent application, say for a taxi ride, errors can be very frustrating. In such situations, our first impulse is to blame everything on the Internet is poor. Indeed, this problem is more often encountered when using public Wi-Fi, network roaming, and with tourist SIM card in a foreign country. On this blog post you will learn How To Resolve Download pending error in Google Play Store.

Google does not recommend having a strong Wi-Fi or network operator to download the Play Store app. But, in many cases, it is not the speed of the internet which is a real problem. You also do not need to reboot your Android phone or tablet or a nervous look for other Wi-Fi providers. There are quieter and easier way to ensure that you can start downloading the app you want in an urgent situation.

How To Resolve Download pending error in Google Play
How To Resolve Download pending error in Google Play

Are You Using a VPN?

A strange quirk of Google’s Play Store is that if you are using a VPN, he tends to think that you do not have Wi-Fi. This means that if you’ve set the app to only download and update via Wi-Fi connection, they will not download if you are using a VPN.

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There are two possible solutions to this. Option higher-risk is to allow for download through non Wi-Fi network.

How To Resolve Download pending error in Google Play

To do this, go to Settings in the Play Store and change the options under “App preferences Download” and “Auto-Update” application to allow non-download Wi-Fi. This warns that data usage charges may apply if you are not careful.

Safer option is to simply turn off your VPN every time you want to download things from the Play Store, then switch back on when you’re done.

Enable Background Data Usage

There is a good chance that the Google Play Store on your phone is not currently set to have unlimited access to data in the background. This does not mean that downloading will not occur in the background, but in some cases can cause unexpected holdups.

How To Resolve Download pending error in Google Play

So to solve this problem, go to “Settings -> Usage Data -> Data Saver -> Data Bound“. Then scroll down until you reach the Google Play Store, and tap the slider next to it so that the blue and enabled. That should be enough to get the background and running again, and get rid of the frustrating “Download Pending” message.

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How To Resolve Download pending error in Google Play

If it does not quite cut it, then do not worry. There is a solution that is more to come.

Stop Auto-Update and Pending Installation

The basic idea behind the download pending fault is that Google prioritizes background updates and installation to download a more recent. Obviously, in order to allow the download, the previous process must be stopped first. Once finished, you can return to installing your intended application once again.

In the Play Store app click on the icon with three small bars (☰), followed by “My apps & games.” Here, you can stop the auto-update and any pending installation. This may seem counterintuitive because many of us feel that auto-update frees us from waiting for new features, bug fixes and security patches. The key is to be selective about the applications that require the auto-update. You do not really have to start Gmail or YouTube from Google Play, let alone allow them auto-update to consume precious memory. Simple, is not it?

To free up space on Android, it’s always a good idea to disable the auto-update and go for a manual update.

Remove The Storage Clutter

If you delete the queue does not work, you might see the device and the Play Store version problem. Usually, if a space more or less freely, can interfere with the download application. As a precautionary measure, go to “Settings” followed by “Batteries and Storage,” and check the “Storage” problem with your device. You can also delete the cache of “info App.” It’s good to remove excess apps or bloatware that can cause your device to act strange. Optionally, you can force-stop the Google Play Store app and start again.

How To Resolve Download pending error in Google Play

Sometimes the SD card can cause problems download in the Play Store if they are not properly organized. In such cases take the card out and insert it again. However, if damaged, immediately stop using the SD card. You do not really need one to download in the Play Store.

Bypass Download Pending Errors with this Tweak

Download pending error can always be bypassed by doing away with the “Play Store” app altogether. Indeed, you can visit the official website of the Play Store on your phone browser and log in with your Google account to access the application.

After selecting the application in the browser window, you must choose the model of your device. You can check it later if the application has been downloaded to the device.

If All Else Fails, Try This

In the event that you are very lucky, here is one last method to try, briefly reset the factory. Maybe you restart your phone several times, emptying the cache, and check out the SD card, but nothing has worked. Under no circumstances may not like it, you can always delete your Google Account is associated with the Play Store and add it back again.

Just visit the “Account-Google,” select your account and click the “Delete Account.” After five minutes, you can add a new account to sync with the Play Store and start downloading again.

Conclusion on How To Resolve Download pending error in Google Play Store

All the methods discussed in this tutorial is a tried-and-tested solution that comes from Google Play Help site. Additionally, you can choose to fix the problem on your own if you have permission to root your device, such as by phone Pixel.

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