How to Download Facebook Chat History for Storage

You can chat with friends, and because of the importance of the conversation, you want to keep it. In some cases, you may only need to keep a part of the conversation and the other person everything. Whatever your needs, you’ll be pleased to know there is a good method to keep most or all of the conversation or Download Facebook Chat History for Storage.

You do not need to be a technological genius to be able to do this because this is something that even a beginner can do. With the following method, you will be able to download your Facebook chat history and quickly save all conversations you want.

Download Facebook data To Keep Your discussions

If what you are looking for is to download absolutely everything on your discussions, including photos, then this is the method for you. By downloading the data Facebook, you will download things like friends, Facebook data, posts, messages, images, etc.

Log in to your Facebook account and go to “General Settings.” Towards the bottom you’ll see a link where you can download a copy of your Facebook data. Once you click on that option, you will see a new page with a “Download Archive” button.

How to Download Facebook Chat History for Storage

Once you click on it, Facebook will show a message that tells you that they collect your information. You do not have to wait too long (at least I didn’t), and when done you will get a link in an inbox where you can download everything.

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How to Download Facebook Chat History for Storage

Click on the “Start My Archive“, and you must re-enter your password for security reasons. A ZIP file that contains all your data will then be downloaded to your computer. You should also see a folder with the name HTLA “messages.htm.” That folder contains all your conversations in a block format.

Messages Saver

The easiest third party way to download your Facebook chat is using Message Saver, an extension available for Chrome.

How to Download Facebook Chat History for Storage

Message Saver makes things nice and simple. It is a browser extension that only works when you are in the Messenger Facebook page. Once you’re in Messenger, click to chat, and then open Messages Saver extension.

Once you do this, Saver message will sync with the chat, at which point you can choose the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates that you want to download a chat to. Select a date and chat is yours!

The free version of the Message Saver save chats in HTML format, but in the $ 4 paid version you can take your chats in a different format, with pictures, and so on.

Message /Chat Downloader

If you download the entire Facebook chat too much, there is a Chrome extension that allows you to download only certain parts of the conversation. For example, let’s say you just want to download a chat between May 15th and May 18th. Just specify the date, and the Chrome extension will download only your chat of days.

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Chrome Extensions that you will need is a Message /Chat Downloader. Once you install the extension, login to your Facebook account and open a chat you want to save.

Click on the extension icon, and you will see a calendar appears. Use this calendar to determine the date of the desire chat took place. When finished, do not forget to click the Apply button at the bottom.

How to Download Facebook Chat History for Storage

Press the “Start” button, and when the download is complete you will be taken to a new page in a new tab that will have all your chat. You can also choose the format you want to save the file in. You can download your messages in the same order you would see them on Facebook.

Conclusion on How to Download Facebook Chat History for Storage

If you feel the need to keep your important conversation, now you know how. The previously mentioned methods are easy and something that even an inexperienced person can do. The method would you choose?

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