Hands on review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Android manufacturers nowadays don’t seem to put a lot of energy into tablets and the Apple iPad has become the default option for those searching for something beyond apps at the entry level. There’s always some subject that’s worth looking at and this one is one of them-the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has a simple aim, priced the same €379 as the 7th gene Apple iPad, and in typical Samsung fashion, it brings more bang than the Apple model. It comes with 64 GB of storage for example, while the iPad only starts at 32 GB. The Android tablet also supports expansion of memory at the cheap through microSD cards. It also comes with a S Pen stylus-Apple ‘s Pencil will bring you back €99 extra.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has a USB-C port for charging (15W) and file transfer and, when placed in landscape, has a speaker at the top and bottom in portrait orientation and at each side. The iPad also has two speakers, but they’re both on the bottom side, so with the Samsung slate you ‘d get a better stereo effect! The S Pen is magnetically attached to the side or back of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite but can easily slip off so be vigilant when holding the slate.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite ports

Then the show is in. Here the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has the upper hand over the entry-level iPad. Samsung’s gone with a 5:3 ratio, 10.4-inch 1200x2000px LCD. It has thin bezels and provides ample sharpness but is a little bland. Its colors aren’t as bright and vibrant as we’ve come to expect from Samsung devices and there are bad viewing angles. Tilt the screen from your face 45 degrees and take a dive to the contrast of the screen. The computer for the iPad is easier just to look at.

Nevertheless, when viewed straight on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite’s 10.4-inch screen is perfectly adequate. It provides good luminosity in well-lit environments and is great indoors.

Samsung Galaxy tab s6

Watching videos on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite or listening to music is a treat as the stereo speakers have an impressive oomph to them. There’s so much bass that the entire tablet vibrates, accentuating certain kinds of music. The Dolby Atmos enhancement is interestingly disabled by default. Allowing it to bring some clarity to the voices and instruments.

Samsung Galaxy tab s6

OneUI 2.1 is not much different from their phone equivalent on a laptop. To make better use of the bigger screen, some UI components have been redone, but you get the same experience. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite came by design to flaunt the three-button navigation bar Oh-so-2015. We immediately opted for gesture navigation, which instantly makes it feel much more up-to – date.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has a few noticeable omissions, similar to OneUI on tablets. For what those are worth, there are no Galaxy Themes and no Game Launcher. There’s also no desktop-imiting DeX mode, which could be due to the limitations of the Exynos 9611.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite-performance leads us nicely into one major fault. Without a stutter, or even the occasional 2-second pause, you can not go too far. It’s infamous and a touch irritating. Using two devices at once was very laggy and the YouTube app crashed a lot of times.

This must be a software problem because certainly the Exynos 9611 would do better. Hopefully Samsung will address it with an update, because it is certainly annoying, although no deal-breaker.

The S-Pen is completely available. It does not have a Bluetooth or a built-in battery, so you can’t use it as a remote source. But it’s still on and on a tap of the button that brings up the familiar menu of options for making a note, taking a screenshot and writing on it, accessing the PENUP app, etc.

You can use scribble notes, paint pre-made drawings with different virtual pens, play around with opacity and texture in the brush. It’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours and if you’re serious about taking note and drawing on a tablet this is one of the best devices to do that.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is impressive in terms of battery life. With a whole day of media use, it can quickly hold on. While watching YouTube with headphones on, we quickly got past 10 hours of screen-on time and even more than 11.

It took a while to recharge the 7,040mAh battery at 15W though, but seeing as this tablet never leaves the couch we doubt it’s a big deal.

In the end, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a perfect option if you want an inexpensive laptop. It’s well-made, it has great battery life, a decent screen overall, reasonable efficiency and is the cheapest and easiest way to get a stylus Android tablet.

Thanks to its preferred OS, the Galaxy tab S6 Lite could also be a clear choice for multimedia consumption over the Apple iPad 10.2-it ‘s just easier to upload a variety of video formats to Android than to iPad, and higher price storage helps a great deal.

Apple’s tablet is faster, has a higher-quality display and is the market’s most streamlined tablet. It will be very easy to decide between the two once you have your goals worked out.

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