Google gives new privacy controls for mobile users

Back at Google I / O in May we see that the Maps and search are the next two Android apps that will get built-in Incognito mode. Now Google officially launched out so you can keep your activities and find the data from your Google account. This feature will be accessible from the menu in appAlongside profile, Google is adding some privacy controls such as auto-delete to YouTube which will erase all the data location, history and application activity.

You can set a certain time period ranging from 3 to 18 months after the YouTube app will automatically delete their data. This feature is accessible from the My Menu activity in the application.


Google Now also get a new privacy controls that allow you to remove up to one week of data voice commands directly in the application Assistant. For larger pieces of data, you have to remove it manually from within the account settings menu.Another useful new feature is the new password checks, which evaluate the strength of your password, indicate if one of their password has been compromised and suggest which ones can be strengthened. This feature of life on both desktop and mobile.


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