Galaxy S10, S10 + and get S10e night mode for selfies, developed live video focus with latest update

A new update is now heading to the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 and S10e + in some parts of Europe. This brings with it security patches in September 2019, next to a bunch of new features: night mode for selfies, live video Focus (which debuted on the family note10) Link to Windows and DEX for the PC support.

Galaxy S10

You’ll also find the function AR Doodle in the application of the camera, but only for selfies, video mode. All these features are borrowed from note10 family, and it is good to see them making the S10 devices as quickly as possible, without waiting for Samsung to include them in the updated Android 10.

The update requires a huge 1.2GB download, and once you install your phone is on firmware version G97xFXXU3ASIG, where “x” means “0” if you have the S10e, “3” if you have the S10, and “5” if you have the S10 +. As usual, it may take a few days until you can see this update, deployment is staged and it happens a country by country at the time in Europe.


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