Fortnite’s long awaited Season, Chapter 2—Season Four dubbed Nexus War trailer is Now Officially out – Marvel-Themed Trailer

Fortnite’s long awaited Season, Chapter 2—Season four dubbed Nexus War trailer is Now Officially out. the most recent Fortnite is here, and in it, a number of of the best Marvel heroes be a part of forces to assist save the battle royale island.

Chapter 2: Season 4 — is dubbed “Nexus War,” and it’s a comic book-style event wherever main characters team to fight off the planet-destroying villain Galactus.

Those who get Fortnite’s seasonal battle pass are going to be capable to unlock the likes of Iron Man, Groot, Storm, Doctor Doom, Mystique, and She-Hulk, in conjunction with an amnesiac thor. we’ve better-known that Fortnite’s season 4 would be Marvel-themed since the last week, and Epic followed that up by releasing an in-game comic book detailing the future story.



The comics clarify simply how the crossover occurred, basically, the facility of Fortnite’s island lured thor and Galactus, with thor finally invocation other heroes — together with Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain America — to assist. At one purpose thor drops his iconic hammer, and a crater actually appeared on the Fortnite island in-game wherever it landed. The comic concluded with the phrase “to be continuing in season 4.” Epic describes the battle as “the war to save reality.”

Fortnite has long been home to licensed superhero characters, from The Avengers and batman to newer inclusions like Deadpool and Aquaman. However, an entire themed season may be a new territory for the battle royale game. the most recent update follows season 3, within which a large storm flooded the island for a time.

In fact, there’s rather more happening within the world of Fortnite than solely a new season. Epic is at the moment within the midst of an authorized tussle with each Google and Apple over app store charges. The developer initial snuck in a new payment selection within the phone versions of Fortnite; Apple and Google each responded by removing Fortnite out of their stores, that resulted in a proceeding from Developer Epic.

The war to save lots of Reality starts now. The Lore, Legends, Heroes, and Villains from Marvel have arrived in Fortnite. join the fight and withstand Galactus to save lots of all of Reality,” Fortnite has tweeted on their official account.

Meanwhile, Epic Video games have confirmed that the forthcoming season of Fortnite isn’t planning to be available to players on iPhones, iPads because of the firm’s legal battle with Apple.

“Apple is obstructing Fortnite updates on the App Store and has mentioned they’ll terminate our ability to develop Fortnite for Apple devices. Consequently, Fortnite’s newly released Season 4 update v14.00, will not launch on macOS and iOS on August 27,” Epic Games stated.

Fortnite remains accessible on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, GeForce currently, PC, and the Epic Video games app on android Phones.

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