Download 10 Best Battle Royale Games For Android In 2020

Battle Royale is arguably one of the most common gaming genres in the mobile gaming community, incorporating many gaming genres such as OpenWorld, Fps, multiplayer, survival, etc. into a single body to offer outstanding gaming experiences for mobile gamers. You’ll find loads of Royal Battle Games in the Google PlayStore, each with its own unique features, but if you’re struggling to pick Royal Battle Games to play during this lockdown, we’ll share the best Royal Battle Games for Android that’s totally free to play.

In no specific order, below are the most common Royal Battle games for Android.

10 Best Battle Royale Games to Download and Play on Your Device

  1. PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds)
  2. COD (Call Of Duty: Mobile)
  3. Garena Free Fire
  4. Fortnite
  5. Cyber Hunter
  6. Rules Of Survival
  7. Creative Destruction
  8. Knives out-No Rules, Just Fight!
  9. Battlelands Royale
  10. Survival Heroes – MOBA + Battle Royale

PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds)

Download 10 Best Battle Royale Games For Android In 2020

Player Unkown’s BattleGrounds Mobile is one of the most successful battle royale games for Android, with over 100 million downloads from the Google PlayStore. It’s also one of the most played royal games on the PC.

PUBG places you in a 100-player battle royale gaming mode where you battle for survival with each other and the last man standing becomes the winner. The game provides daily updates and continually introduces new features, accessories, and characters that allow players to try new things.

PUBG also comes with other game types, such as zombie mode, deathmatch, etc., and players may customize their characters and accessories.

The game can be played on all Android devices whether high-end, mid-range or low-end, however, is it advised that people with low-end devices opt for PUBG Mobile Lite to enjoy a smooth experience.

Download PUBG MOBILE – NEW ERA Price: Free

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Call Of Duty: Mobile

Download 10 Best Battle Royale Games For Android In 2020
Call of duty

Call of Duty Mobile is the latest buzz in the battle royale Gaming Genre, which won the Best Game Award in 2019, outstripping PUBG. COD is the strongest competitor to PUBG, unlike PUBG, COD throws you into a war zone, giving you PC-like COD experience.

The game features famous characters from various iterations of the PC game including Soap MacTravish, Captain Price, Simon Ghost Riley and a few more.

The game also gets daily updates like PUGB and constantly adds innovative apps, events, maps, weapons and characters from time to time. COD Mobile runs smoothly on high-end and mid-range devices, low-end devices on the other and can experience lags.

Download Call of Duty®: Mobile Price: Free

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Garena Free Fire

Download 10 Best Battle Royale Games For Android In 2020
Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is somewhat similar to PUGB, it also has over 100 million downloads, but while PUGB provides 100 players Battle Royal mode, Free Fire allows only 50 players to fight against each other and the time limit for a single Royal Battle is 10 minutes.

Free Fire provides easier control as compared to PUBG, as well as exclusive themes and content. While Garena Free Fire didn’t build a sensation like PUBG and COD, it’s one of the best Royal Fight games available for Android in the Google PlayStore.

The game runs smoothly on all smartphones, from low end to high end, and consumes less room. It’s absolutely free to download.

Download Garena Free Fire: BOOYAH Day Price: Free



Fortnite is also one of the best battle royale games for Android, but you’re not going to find Fortnite in the Google PlayStore because of some dispute between game developers and Google, but it’s still one of the best battle royale games for Android.

Fornite is just like every other battle royale game and is popular for creating features that allow players to quickly create a sheil to defend themselves in the middle of the game.

The game is available for free and can be downloaded from the official website of Epic Games. Unfortunately, not all users will play Fortnite, see the list of compatible devices.

Download Fortnite Epic Game Here for Free

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is more or less a royal sci-fi battle game, which casts you into an adventure world, which gives you various experiences. It also features a 100-player royal battle mode like the rest of the game.

Each player has a robot assistant, and if you have played Fornite, you will find that Cyber Hunter also has a Fortnite feel.

One funny and fascinating fact that players can climb to walls and other buildings like Spiderman is what I like about this game. It is a fantastic game and we recommend it.

Download Cyber Hunter
Price: Free

Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival

Rules of Survival also features PUBG-like gameplay with a taste of combat, unlike Free Fire, adding 120 players to fight in the battle royale mode for survival.

The game has earned more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play Store, while PUBG and Free Fire can still be enjoyed on a low-end smartphone, the rules of survival will only work best on high-end phones. Games consume space and often need a high-performance processor to run smoothly.

It’s one of the best free battle royale games for Android, with simple controls but lags on most mid-and low-end phones.

Price: Free

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Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a Fornite clone and one of the most successful royale games games for Android. It also carries the crafting features of Fornite, and its controls are simple as well.

Like most of the royale games games, you’re going to play against 99 other layers in the royale games Mode games. You can switch between first-person view mode or third-person view mode.

Game graphics are great, download and discover more cool things.

Download Creative Destruction Price: To be announced 

Knives Out

kniews out

Knives Out is another successful Battle royale game available in the Google PlayStore, with over 10 million downloads. It has similar features to other royal battle games, but it has a few disadvantages.

Cheaters are too many in the game, and it might offer you the gaming experience you ‘d expect. Graphics still need to be worked on, and often the game lags.

The game features other modes, such as Sniper Battle, Team Battle, 50vs50 mode, and more. It’s, above all, a good battle royale game.

Download Knives Out-No rules, just fight!
Price: Free

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a fun game to play the battle royale Game, it throws you against 32 other players, where you fight for survival, and the last man standing is a winner like the others.

The game doesn’t come with a lobby feature like every other battle royale game, it just wants you to play until you don’t want to stop playing. You can play team matches, however, games are small modes and there are no environmental damage features.

However, it’s still one of the best battle royale games for Android and available for free in the Google PlayStore.

Download Battlelands Royale Price: Free

Survival Heroes – MOBA + Battle Royale

Survival Heroes – MOBA + Battle Royale

Survival Heroes offers a new approach to the battle royale Gaming, unlike all the previous games we’ve spoken about, this game focuses more on conventional methods of battle, including using swords, bowls and arrows, axes, etc. No guns.

You get to play with 99 other players in battle royale mode, and interestingly, the game also has mystical features that make the game a lot more exciting.

Controls are great , great graphic material and costumes. So, if you’re looking for another battle royale Gaming experience, you’re expected to play Heroes’ survival.

Download Survival Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale. Price: Free

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These are the best battle royale games for Android, you can select from any of the above and play for free. If you have a low-end device, I suggest that you go to PUBG lite and Battlelands Royale. With 2GB of RAM, you can still enjoy Survival Heroes and Free Fire at low settings, while others need a high-performance CPU to run smoothly.

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