Disney plans on not allowing Netflix adverts on their entertainment TV channel

Netflix Disney prohibits advertising in entertainment TV network, aims to make it harder on the streaming giant as the company is preparing to launch its own streaming service Disney +. Disney-owned ESPN will still receive ads Netflix.

Of the total advertising budget of $ 1.8 billion last year, Netflix spent $ 99.2 million on TV ads, 13% of them will be part of a group of entertainment channel Disney.


Apparently, Disney is targeting Netflix in particular, as such a move will not affect the Amazon, Apple or Comcast, which all have their own streaming service. Then again, Disney + will not launch on Amazon Fire TV platform, so that things are not exactly peachy there either.

Disney + will launch in the US and Canada on November 12, offering Star Wars and Marvel content above Disney himself. Monthly charges will be $ 6.99, which is better than even against Netflix ‘most affordable non-HD Basic plan ($ 8.99).

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