Dealings: You can get $500 off Galaxy Note10 + with a trade-in, and a $200 credit or free Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Buds

If you’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + but could not get yourself so far as to actually order one, the Korean company is now running promos that might just tip the scales for you.

First, you can get up to $500 on the price of the device with the trade-in qualifying – which means you have to give up either the Galaxy S10 + or iPhone XS Max. If you have any other handset, you get less.


Additionally, you can choose to receive $200 in store credit Samsung used for whatever you want, or wearable free bundle – comprising both Galaxy Buds correct wireless headphones and tracker Galaxy Fit.

So in the best case scenario when you factor in the $500 trade-in discount stores and a $200 credit on top of that, the Galaxy Note10+ actually cost you only a paltry $399. That’s some creative math, but the point is the company trying to do their best to take the sting off that the regular retail price, at least somewhat.

This offer is available for a limited time, while supplies last, so if you’re interested make sure you act quickly.

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