Cheaper Notes that is called Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Rumors about the cheap Galaxy Note10 has been around even before the series Note10 came out in August this year. However, after Samsung launched two devices, many think there will not be three Note10 handset, until now.
According to reliable sources, Samsung has chosen the name Galaxy Lite Note10. The model number has been confirmed as the SM-N770F but unfortunately, we did not have intel on the specifications. Until now, no one knows what makes Lite though, it’s safe to say that the S Pen is here to stay. After all, it is a device Notes.


Go to the Galaxy S10-series, it could be a big sister S10e Galaxy is spiritual in a sense – a brief camera, the screen is smaller than Note10 and Note10 + and the possibility of a smaller battery also. In any case, it’s all just a guessing game for now, but we expect more leaks would fill us in on the week ahead.

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