ANDROID Galaxy S10 Problems & How to Fix Them

Galaxy S10 Problems & How to Fix Them

General ANDROID15 Galaxy S10 Problems & How to Fix ThemPublished 2 hours ago on 20/09/2019 By Cory Gunther
Here is a list of Galaxy S10 most common problems and how to fix it, that way you can get your phone is running the best. S10 has a lot of fancy features, but not perfect. Does it behave a fingerprint scanner, a camera or even a keyboard problem. Here’s what you need to know. This improvement also applies to the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 5G.

You do not have to go to the store or contact support Samsung’s carrier for assistance. Instead, follow our tips and fix your problem Galaxy S10 directly from home. We’ll guide you through the most common complaints, then offered repairs, tips or resources to cope. Keep in mind that every person using the phone is different, and not everyone will have the same problem. Let’s get started.

Update: The September security patch is now available for US carriers and S10 Unlocked Galaxy models, which fixes many problems of software in July and August. Users reported differences in battery life, auto-focus problem in 3rd party applications, password problems weird, or too hot while charging. August and September update should resolve most, including auto-focus problem odd. We see better results with the camera, but still not perfect.

How to Fix Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner Problems

First things first, we need to address the fingerprint scanner. At the last minute, Samsung put screen guards on all Galaxy S10 models before shipment, and you are doing the setup process very difficult fingerprint scanner. You have to press very hard, and probably get some failed attempts during the installation process. DO NOT WORRY.

galaxy S10 scanner review

Samsung issued a software update day one that dramatically improves the speed of fingerprint scanner and reliability. Then in April Samsung he launched another update which surprisingly made a big difference. Users are reporting a much better experience with fingerprint sensor. In addition, once the cheap plastic film Samsung put on phones that works even better is removed.

ANDROID Galaxy S10 Problems & How to Fix Them

That said, if you have received the latest software update, removed the screen saver and is still dealing with problems we have some tips. On the one hand, move the finger in several different places while making registration process. Then register your finger a few times holding the phone with one hand, since this is how most likely is unlocked. Do not hold the phone in one hand and with the other to take advantage. Register your finger while holding the phone as you normally would.

If you are using a case it is recommended to redo the whole process of exploration finger again, to get the right angle. In addition, we are listening to register the same finger twice substantially improved results, too. And finally, if done or not a screen saver is used, try this trick to increase the sensitivity of the screen.

How to Fix Galaxy S10 Touch Screen accidental Problems

Samsung Galaxy S10 is still new and you can expect several changes within the first month or two that will address most of their complaints, for now, keep reading.

Another complaint we keep seeing is that users are accidentally exposed side of the phone and open the application panel Edge, launching applications, or simply wake up the screen accidentally. With almost no bevels, there is nowhere to put your hand during use. That said, a quick change in configuration will prevent accidental these faucets. Or, simply disable the panel edge as I did.

Galaxy S10 screen problems
  • Go to Settings and select Display
  • Scroll down to accidental Touch Protection
  • Flip the switch to ON

This not only helps prevent accidental taps and touches in general, but also helps with accidental taps into a pocket, purse, bag or dark areas. On the other hand, we are seeing complaints about the color change and bad angles vision in the S10, where the display has a red tint to it. We are hoping that this can be solved by a software update, we have seen a similar situation with the Galaxy S8 in 2017.

How to Fix Galaxy S10 Applications that are not full-screen

With a large 6.1 or 6.4 inch Quad-HD display that is long and thin, some applications do not use the entire screen of your Galaxy S10. This is because the aspect ratio of length similar to 16: 9 wide screen movies back in the day with black bars, not to mention the cut in the top of the chamber.

Most applications and games scale to fit the entire screen, but some do not. If so, follow these steps to fix the problem. This guide is the Galaxy S8, but the same steps apply even 9 ft An Android user interface.

Galaxy S10 apps not full screen

Pull down the notification bar and head configuration (gear shape icon in the upper right part)
Tap the screen
Select the Applications option fullscreen
Tap any application that is not full-screen, and change it from Auto full screen
At this point, most applications should work fine and developers are already fixed this. You can not, force them into full-screen mode. You will now automatically scale to the new 18.5: 9 aspect ratio and fill the entire screen with content. In addition, when you start an application that does not use the entire screen, you will see a small pop-up window at the bottom of the screen to quickly switch to full view. Touch and you’re all done.

If applications or games are cut after doing this, reverse steps and change it back to Auto.

Sprint Galaxy S10 No 4G LTE problems

A huge problem for the three models of the Galaxy S10 on Sprint 4G LTE is not. These phones are stuck on old, slow 3G speeds where the Internet does not work nearly so, the videos do not load, and the phones are almost a clipboard. Some people have 4G LTE, but not for very long, and the constant search of a signal and the transition from 3G to 4G LTE phones makes them very hot. Spring has recognized this issue several times, and finally repaired.

April 16 Sprint released a new software update for the Galaxy S10 (version ASD5 software) and that should solve your problems 4G LTE. And while dozens of users said they finally see Internet speed 4G LTE and improved battery life, many users like Tim Twitter are still struggling.

This is an ongoing problem with the Galaxy S8, S9, note 8 note 9 and S10 all applications running on Sprint Pie 9. Those who have a phone on another carrier will not address this problem. Sprint claims they fixed, but we still see a lot of complaints, as of August 2019. The updated August 26 is expected to improve. Let us know in the comment section if you are still having problems with your Sprint Galaxy S10.

How to Fix Galaxy S10 App Drawer button missing

If you have a Galaxy smartphone more you are a surprise. There are no physical buttons, no home key, and no application bar icon. They are all gone. Some owners are frustrated if they can not find all the installed applications. Swipe up, and they appear. Or, here’s how to return to the old style.

  • Press and hold down on any blank space on your screen. It will zoom out to an edit and layout page, and give you setting or wallpaper options.
  • Tap the gear-shaped settings button.
  • Next hit the option in settings labeled “Apps Button” and select the “show apps button”.

Depending on the item hit in settings labeled “Apps button” and select “apps show” button.
This way you will have a button that launches a tray with all your applications as before. Or, if you have an iPhone select “welcome screen” if you want all the apps on your home screen as iOS.

Galaxy S10 freezing problems and is not responding

Is this your Galaxy S10 or some of its gel applications and unresponsive? We saw it with the S9, and now some reports are emerging on the new Galaxy S10. You may experience this in contacts or phone dialer app while trying to make a call.

If your S10 is frozen or unresponsive press and hold both the power and volume down buttons at the same time, and hold them for 7-8 seconds. The phone will turn off, restart, and make a fresh start. It will not hurt anything and simply forces the phone to restart, even if it is completely frozen and the screen is black. Tries.

In addition, the Galaxy S10 can update “XXU1ASE5” caused problems for multiple users, so that Samsung pulled and delayed the update. We have heard reports issues of fingerprints, frost, offset, and more. The company quickly fixed the problem with the update in June that US carriers are still waiting. Learn more about this issue here.

How to Fix Galaxy S10 Bluetooth Problems

Samsung’s new phones run the latest Android Pie 9 with an interface A user interface refreshed on top of the Google software. And, for the first time in a few years, we do not see too BT complaints yet. That said, you are likely to experience some problems with Bluetooth in your car, home stereo or accessories. With so many speakers, headphones and other accessories that you are required to have a problem here and there.

If you can not see or devices not see them and they will not sign, you are not alone. Sometimes the connection is too bad and audio cut. Thank you for Bluetooth 5.0 on the Galaxy S10 most people should not face any problems. If you do, simply switch Bluetooth off, then back on again. This solves the problem 95% of the time. Or, forget the device completely and repeat the process of “pairing”.

Users can also heading to Settings> Applications> and find “Bluetooth” and clear the cache. This will erase all the pairings, which fixed problems on the Galaxy Note 8 and S9. If not, try our biggest advice for any problems, and restart your phone. Yes, a simple reboot usually fixed just about everything.

How to Fix Galaxy S10 WiFi and GPS issues

With each new version of the phone, we see reports of WiFi problems. And we are already seeing comments on the poor performance, WiFi drops, connection problems and more with the Galaxy S10 even if it supports the new Wi-Fi protocol 6. This is almost never a problem with the phone itself, and more often than anything else.

We found that Samsung SmartSwitch super useful tool to transfer an old phone to a new phone can often be the problem of poor Wi-Fi. The software has transferred the name, password and connection for you. It’s nice, but it could also be your problem.

Those struggling with Wi-Fi Galaxy S10 connection problems have some things they can try. First, we recommend you forget your WiFi network and re-enter the password on the phone. To do this, under Settings> Connections> Wi-Fi. Tap and hold your home Internet connection and delete the network from the pop-up window. Then the search for a Wi-Fi, find yours, put the password and it should work. Better yet, reset your network settings to default. We found unplugging the power to the router for 10 seconds will give a new start. Then try to connect your Galaxy S10 again.

In addition, we have a super useful trick to the problems of WiFi. Come connection in Settings> Connections> WiFi> Advanced> Wi-Fi and disable sleep option. This way WiFi remains on regardless, even when the screen is off. Now, all your applications and services continue to use WiFi, and you do not need to keep the screen while you update applications.

How to Fix Galaxy S10 Always-On Display and problems Wake Lift

Samsung has added a new “lift to wake up” feature of the S10 galaxy. When you pick up the screen automatically comes to life. It is nice, but some people do not like. In addition, we see a ton of complaints that the elevator to wake up or AOD feature makes the phone clock in the pockets, which drains the battery.

So here’s how to change, customize and tweak the display always on. We will also show you how to turn off the elevator to wake function.

problems of always on display and lift wake

Go to Settings> Lock screen> and press Always-On Display. From here you can customize and change the whole experience. Personally, we recommend you leave it on it’s going to reduce how often you wake the phone – leading to greater autonomy.

Then return to the main menu settings and access advanced features> Motions and gestures> and uncheck the elevator to wake function. While you’re here, kill the “double-tap to wake up” if it continues to go far in your pocket. Samsung will fix this with an update of the software later.

Disabling these settings if your phone battery is empty in your pocket

lift wake problems

How to Fix Galaxy S10 wet Speaker Problems

The Galaxy S10 and S10 + is IP68 dust and water resistant. In other words, you can take it in the shower, drop it in the pool, or use it for about 5 feet deep worry. The phone can technically handle about 5 feet for 30 minutes and still works fine. Even the two speakers can handle a little water.

However, if the speaker is wet or grill your phone will sound funny and cozy. This is not a concern and there is no damage, just to try it.

Samsung uses a coating on the inside of the device to maintain the safety components. Then something they call “surface tension” to prevent water from both speakers. If your music or speaker seems funny that you just need to let it dry. Or, press gently against your hand to push the water out of the enclosure. Most likely there is nothing wrong with your phone, just give it time.

Bonus tip: Do not charge your phone when it is wet. Leave the port USB charging type C completely dry before plugging your phone to recharge the battery.

How to Fix Galaxy S10 Life Battery Problems

With a larger battery 3400 mAh in Galaxy S10 and a pack of 4,100 mAh more in the S10 +, these phones get some of the best battery life we’ve ever seen. It’s pretty impressive. However, some users may experience problems or battery problems that need attention.

Galaxy S10 battery usage

First, here’s our great guide to fix the problems of poor life of the Galaxy S10 battery. Your next step to resolve any situation of the battery is by heading to Settings> Device maintenance> Battery> Battery use to see what happens. This gives you a detailed breakdown on what uses what, and even shows the drain of the battery # 1 at the top of the list.

If the application does not work or rogue will use too much battery and appear at the top of this list. If you see anything other than the display, the screen, the Android system, or OS Android at the top, or the game you just played, then something is not right. Disabling or reinstalling the applications or services that drain the battery more than it should.

Back in March, the update remains a “deep sleep” problems for those with a Samsung Exynos version of the phone (mainly models outside the US). Later, another update for all other models arrived and we are expecting another in July and throughout the summer.

And finally, an update July Galaxy S10 destroying battery life for models of US carriers, particularly AT & T. We have a super simple way to fix it, though, so give it a try.

Basically, turn off any and all operator networks or additional devices or diagnostic tools. Update June / July for AT & T Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus adds something called “AT & T mobile network diagnostics” to the mobile network settings menu, and ON by default. This deadly use our steps in the image above, and looking for something similar from Verizon or T-Mobile.

Galaxy S10 fix network

How to Fix Galaxy Camera S10

Initially, we see no major complaints about the Galaxy S10 camera, but some users on Reddit along with reports of their problems. One of the front camera too close when you use the application outside Samsung camera application. In addition, the June update spoil Galaxy S10 camera in 3rd party applications like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, especially when trying to record a video.

Security Patch summer broken auto-focus for the Galaxy S10 on both AT & T and T-Mobile. My AT & T Galaxy S10 + almost completely unusable with Snapchat or Instagram, because they never focus on the subject while trying to take a photo or video. We saw some reports about this from the user. Samsung aware of this problem and keep it updated in August, mostly. Unfortunately, Snapchat still can not use the back camera on the Galaxy S10 +, because they went completely out of focus. So far the only fix we found was to install Snapchat version 6-month-old. Like Snapchat v10.57 here.

Update: Samsung and AT & T issued an update again on July 31, and followed that with a larger on 26 August (in the US) both claimed to have the camera repairs. 3rd party applications focusing better now, but still not perfect. Update September at Verizon upgraded the camera as well.

We also see reports that the button for three rear camera does not always switch to a particular lens. I do not see the problem, but if you are, try rebooting your phone. Then, users reported dim and dark super video experience that is super slow-motion. 960 FPS slow-mo feature requires a lot of light for the best experience, so if you try it in the room, you will not enjoy the results. It did not matter, that’s just how this new technology works so far.

Reboot Galaxy S10 to Fix Problems Most

Before we share our final tip, try a simple reboot. Almost every problem we hear from friends, family, or see online can be quickly remedied by rebooting your Galaxy S10. Seriously, before you try something big, reboot the phone. Not receiving the text message, reboot your phone. Your voice does not work, reboot the phone.

Press and hold the power button on the right side of your Galaxy S10, then tap restart. Within about 1 minute you’ll be up and running with nearly every problem is gone.

Also, go to Settings> Device Maintenance> and hit a 3-point at the top corner and select Auto Restart. Now, choose the time and day of the week, like Wednesday at 04:00. This way your phone will reboot once a week at night so that the performance remains the best, and the problem is a thing of the past.

How to Factory Reset Galaxy S10

Most owners will not experience major problems with the Galaxy S10 or S10 +. If you have tried everything that we have mentioned above and examined by your operator for help, we have one last step that you can try before looking to his successor. The last attempt to fix the big problem is to perform a factory data reset. This will delete all user data, applications, messages, and content from the phone. Only do this if there is something seriously wrong and show-stopping problems.

Keep in mind that you will want to backup your data before proceeding. Go to Settings> General Management> and tap Reset to start.

This process will only take a few minutes and will restore the original software that came with your phone. The owner can use the Samsung Galaxy S10 SmartSwitch or Google returns to get back all their applications. Again, this is the last option if you have a big problem. If this does not fix it, consider contacting a Samsung or your carrier for a replacement phone.

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